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                                    LEASING d.o.o.

                                    Letali?ka cesta 29A
                                    SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

                                    Tel: +386 (0)8 281 62 00




                                    Business Opportunities

                                    Today, people are full of new ideas, business plans for the future and recommendations for an improved and more comfortable life. Therefore, everything we do is creative and unique, making it successful and effective. Courage, openness and creativity are required to achieve our goals.

                                    Lease and purchase of business space

                                    You will surely find what you are looking for in a modern business environment right here, in the pleasant and technologically advanced design of our building which provides a clear layout and easy access.

                                    The Phoenix Business Centre is a new construction whose quality implementation and ambitious modern design adds to the entire area along Letali?ka cesta, it enhances the level of quality of construction and planned renovations of existing business centres.